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A good photograph does more than capture a moment. A good photograph tells a story.

I caught the photography bug early on. My father has always been a keen amateur photographer and I grew up surrounded by 35mm films and photographic paper. I remember being gifted my first camera in order to appease my frustrated mother when yet another camera entered the house. This was at an age when it seemed to take forever for even a single image to process. Because of this each photo had to be meticulously planned and carefully shot; there was no review and correct. You simply had to know what you were doing or you wouldn’t get the shot.

Today my primary camera is a Canon 5D mark III and my backup is a Canon 6D. This has introduced immeasurable freedom and creativity but I will always be ready to capture the shot when the moment happens, because sometimes you do only get one chance.

To visit my portfolio click on the link below or the Portfolio tab above. I hope you enjoy my work, please get in contact if you have any queries and I'll get straight back to you. Thank you.


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