About me

Hi, my name is Alexander but you can call me Alex! It’s no secret that I love all things photography. In the past I’ve photographed everything from music festivals to earrings and loved it all. My passion, however, is wedding photography. Nothing beats telling the story of a wonderful couple on their wedding day, knowing that those photographs will be cherished and loved for decades to come.

About my style

I would describe my style as natural and authentic. My aim is to capture the special feeling of your wedding day. When you look through your photos I want you to be transported back to when it all happened, so you can re-experience it all, filled with joy and love.

About you

Wedding photography isn’t about the photographer, it’s about you, the bride and groom. If you’d like to talk through the available options, or to see some of my work, I would love to arrange a meeting. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to meet each other. I am a strong believer that great photography happens when you understand the people on the other side of the lens.

More information

Check out my Client Lounge for more information and a glimpse of my bespoke service.


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